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    Hungarian dagger WWII?

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    In my opinion - No - this is not an origianl item. Daggers with numbers in the Hungary military did not begin to appear until the communist period with imported Soviet AF daggers. The details to the scabbard along with its lack of any curvature signal post war production. Though you did not show it - I would probabyl suspect that the button for the release is also made from the same grade of brass - originals are not and exhibit a variance in the patina. This dagger was probably made with the original dies which have survived the war and have been used extensively since that time. I also have seen several "113" daggers and find it hard to believe that there would have been more than one if in reality they were sequentially numbered. I would pass on this one and bide my time and wait for an original - it only took me living in Hungary for seven years to find one....

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    however - by comparison - this one is a good "reproduction" which is a nice display piece - then there are the ones that go over to the realm of absolute absurdity... this one is more laughable than the WW2 Paratrooper dress daggers that many seem tripping over themselves to buy...


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    I second Hunyadi's comments although the auction url he posted is too funny for words! There are so many copies of these daggers in store windows in Budapest that I don't even bother looking at them any more. I've posted a picture of an original one of these daggers from Kurt Glemsers book "A Guide to Military Dress Daggers Volume IV" page 22. It is a picture of a Royal Hungarian Air Force Officer's M1932 daggers from the Herman Historica collection. Kurt's advice to me when I came to Hungary was "If it isn't cased, don't buy it". Which in effect means no daggers for me.



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    There was one of these reproductions for sale, as an authentic specimen, at a local antiques mall for $700.00 Canadian.

    Until I read these posts I was not sure it was a reporduction but it did have the 113 stamp as well.



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    Someone has 2 daggers for sale form 1946 they look to me little sketchy  any opinions on these twi. I never seen reproductions on these, on previous ones I have few myself unitl I learned on my own what is original and what is fake but those are from 1932 until 1945

    s-l1600-1 copy.jpg

    s-l1600-2 copy.jpg

    s-l1600-3 copy.jpg

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