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    French Ribbon Bar


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    When I saw the US Navy Cross, Silver Star and the French Wound Medal with all those stars, I just had to share this with you all. I see it was removed from eBay, the seller was 2emreppers.gif( 7 ) s.gif

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    Some one has really enjoyed putting ribbons together.

    Absolutly impossible, of course. But why get angry ? Who has to buy this ? It simply shows, once again, that either you know what you are looking at and recognize something you want, or you don't know and you take chances or keep clear.

    Thanks for sharing this eye-full. I really enjoyed looking at it.



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    surely you mean 90.327 of ALL ribbon bars? Or do eastern bars have built in fakeproofing?

    Many of the "Eastern" ribbon bars are safe in that there is so little eBayish interest in them that they are arrely faked. Japan is a partial exception here as one sees many "parts" ribbon bars. Few denizens of eBay get excited by a good Afghan ribbon bar (even if they knew what it was), but when they see something German . . . or even French . . . .

    It is always sad that an abomination such as this will probably sell at an inflated price to a new collector. The seller will go away happy and rich. The purchaser may eventually learn how he has been cheated and will likely leave the hobby. Let us face it guys, we are an aging hobby with scant new blood and the fakers drive the newbies away.

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