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    [CSSR] former antifascist fighter?

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    and the 3rd one... no diploma, and put in a box for a table medal... but with 2 ribbons. Should I believe it was originaly belonging to the same grouping? I bought it too.

    this is the cross "for the fidelity of the federation of liberated political prisoners and survivors of the nazi regim"

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    are you speaking about the partisan star? I don't know today if the diploma is related to this award. You know as well as me how chaotic can be the path of an awards group between the veteran and a caring collector...

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    First time I see this one. How does the back looks like? Is it numbered?

    the star... Czech had an independant serie of partisan units awards, ranging from the star to the tiny badge, including medals, pins in all sorts of metals and enameling.
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