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    We have discussed awards made to individuals many times but I don't recall us ever discussing awards made to institutions. Recently I bought a book on the ZRINYI MIKL?S KATONAI AKAD?MI?NAK (MIKL?S ZRINYI MILITARY ACADEMY). In it is reproduced a picture of the award, and the document, for the V?R?S Z?SZL? ?RDEMREND 1957 (ORDER OF MERIT OF THE RED FLAG - 1957). According to the NMK, this award was made 123 times. Here a picture of the award as it appears in the book.



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    These are very interesting awards indeed when compared to the standard issue of the order to somone for extrodianry acts. Still - there is so much gray area with the institution awards, that there is still so much to learn. I wonder if some of our Magyar members can shed more light on the matter?

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    Digging a little deeper into this award, as presented to institutions/organizations, this appears to have only been done in 1975. According to my reference material, of the 151 times it was awarded, 7 times it went to units/schools instead of individuals. They are as follwos;

    1 - 1. Sz. Tűzszer?sz ?s Aknakutat? Z?szl?alj "1st Artillery and Mine Disposal Battalion" (Hungary)

    2 - Zrinyi Mikl?s Katonai Akad?mia "Zrinyi Mikl?s Military Academy" (Hungary)

    3 - Krasznodari Egyesftett Katonai Haj?z?-Műszaki Tisti Iskola "Krasnodari United Military Engineering Officers School" (USSR)

    4 - R. J. Malinovszkij P?nc?los Csapatok Kantonai Akad?mi?ja "R. J. Malinovszkij Armoured Forces Military Academy" (USSR)

    5 - M. V. Frunze Kantonai Akad?mia "M. V. Frunze Military Academy" - (USSR)

    6 - V. I.. Lenin Kantonai Politicai Akad?mia "V. I. Lenin Military Political Academy" (USSR)

    7 - K. E. Vorosilov Vez?rkari Kanonai Akad?mia "K. E. Vorosilov General Staff Military Academy" (USSR)



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