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Order of St. George

Chuck In Oregon

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Great order.. :cheeky: I cant wait till I find one I can afford! :(


* * * * *

If my darlin' wife had been within, say, 5,000 miles, I probably wouldn't have bought this one. Well, couldn't have with two broken arms and bleeding from the ears, I suppose. But she wasn't and I can't be trusted with money around good collectibles, so here it is. I don't regret it, mind you, but it was costly in more ways than one. She really doesn't see the humor when I say "It's only money."


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That is a very attractive award. Can you recommend any sites that explain Imperial Russian awards in simple terms or provide a good primer for further enquiries?

If I had the time, contacts and financial resources, this is another aspect of collecting militaria that I would like to pursue. Please consider a general lack of comments on my part as dumbstruck awe. Please show more, as I am sure there are many other collectors who simply know too little about them.

Thanks in advance,


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