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I am trying to find more information on the career of my great-great uncle, Oberst Otto Heinemann. All I know is that he was an artillery officer, won the Hausorden von Hohenzollern and was killed in a strafing incident involving Soviet jabos in East Prussia in 1945. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think I have got your man. I have found 2 Hauptmann Heinemann, one in the FAR Nr. 15 and the other in the Fuss AR Nr. 14. The second one is not the good officer cos his firstname was Friedrich. So Heinemann from FAR Nr. 15 was in the Ehrenranglisten from 1926 Major in the Reichsheer. And I found him in the RL 1927, p. 124.

RL 1914 Hauptmann Heinemann 27.1.1914 Q3q

RL 1927 Major Heinemann 1.12.1922

His awards : Iron cross 1st and 2nd class, HHO3X (24.8.1918) DA 25.

I haven't got more information. That's all



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Thanks, so far. His first name was definitely Otto, and I think he had alot of other awards, as my father remembers him wearing a very long Kettchen with many orders. He was also very good friends with Arthur Sinnhuber, the artillery Korps CO. At the time of his death, he was at least in his 70's.

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