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    I just took delivery on this interesting pair of 1870 EK groups. They were being sold separately but appear to have been to the same recipient. The 7 bar combination is correct for the 3rd Cavalry Division which consisted of the 8th Kur. and the 5th, 7th and 14th Uhlan Regts. Since the 14th was a Hannoverian unit, we can rule it out because of the Koniggratz Cross. I haven't been able to find detailed order of battle for Koniggratz so, I don't know which of the other units were present there. Both Iron Crosses are later types with a double ring suspension and "white metal" frames as shown in item 2537 on Page 1047 of Nimmergut, Vol. II. The regulation mounted group has the odd non-standard 25 year oak leaf like that shown on Page 150 of "The Iron Time". The frackspange mounted group has a standard 25 year device but, the othe awards appear to be private purchase examples that have been plated to provide more flash.

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    Hi Beau, I was watching this set and concur that they originally were a set. My concern and why I ended up not bidding is the EK2s don't look quite right to me? Especially now with your scans... theses EK2s sure don't look like period, silver-framed pieces to me and the cores don't look quite right either. By no means am I an 1870 expert... this is my gut reaction while on eBay and again now. I think the medal bars themselves are good. But notice the snipped mounting threads where the EK2 was originally tied in place? I also wasn't real thrilled with the battle bars.

    Other comments/opinions?

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    I agree with you guys that these are not the typical Wagner made 1870s era crosses as seen on the Bavarian group below. This double ring type is often seen with the 25 year oakleaves with the double ring attachment that allowed it to be mounted directly to the cross instaed of the ribbon. I think there is a good chance that this type probably dates from the 1895 period like the 25 year devices. The detail on the core is very good, thoughnot as crisp as a Wagner piece and the relief is quite high with the obverse crown protruding above the frame. An almost identical example is shown on Page 1047 of Vol. II of Nimmergut. I think these are old but likely private purchase "spangenstucke" crosses.

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