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    2 Batt?

    Lt. Klumm?

    Lt. Gersar ?

    Offcr Stellvtr. Houmouer?

    2. Battr. (Batterie) - could as well read 2. Batl. (Bataillon)

    Leutnant Klemm

    Leutnant Gersau

    Offizier-Stellvertreter Hohmann

    Februar 1918

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    Guest Rick Research

    Those guys are definitely wearing some sort of burlap sacking on their helmets, blurring the outlines. :cheers:

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    it's the first time I see such thing on helmets during WW1. Thanks to point this to me


    I've seen helmet covers in photos before, that are usually from the spring or summer of 1918. The most usual helmet "covering" I've seen on German WWI steel helmets, is in an unpublished photo in my possession. I'm reluctant to post it not only because it's unpublished and what happens to images once they appear on-line, but because this is absolute documentation for the use of ......chicken wire on a German WWI steel helmet. This is well-known on WWII helmets, but not for WWI. Chicken wire covered helmets are heavily faked on WWII helmets, and I'm not going to provide direct documentation for the same thing to happen on WWI helmets.

    I'd consider providing a scanned image to Chris for his records, provided it doesn't go on-line or find it's way into any publications.


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