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    i have just aquired a goup of badges from the same person,2 are stahlhelm badges i dated 1923 and the other is a swastika with a helmet on top there is also a blut und boden badge dated 1939,and a feuerwehr medal with ribbon and pin,along with these was the hannover medal court mounted on a white and yellow ribbon with the name j.lubeck, i got these cheap and wondered if they were worth the money so any ideas as to valuation would be appreciated.thanks

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    Photos would be nice (front and back)

    But from you description, it sounds like they all would be of interest to the right collector. I've noticed that stahlhelm badges are selling, blut und boden badges would find a good home as would the feuerwehr medal.

    ...so lets see them!

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    what a wonderful little collection. the Stahlhelm badge is quite nice-early-ish for the organization and I reckon its' worth 50-100 euros. the fire volunteer's medal is also charming @ 10-20 euros? The Lagensalza medal is a treasure, probably to a Pvt. in a line regiment. I personally REALLY like these, but they only go for @ 50-75 Euros.

    There is some sort of untapped archive out there for these medals, as the Hanovarian OOB (order of battle) for 1866 is available and there were only @ 25,000 Hanoverian troops at Lagensalza. It was a Pyrrhic victory as the Hanoverian supply lines were cut, but the Prussians lost (badly) and the old, blind Hanoverian King, Great-Uncle of the Empress Victoria led his troops on the battlefield, using his ADC's reports and descriptions of the ground/events to direct the movements of his troops.

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    Thanks to Ulsterman for the nice short description of the Battle of Langensalza.

    which sad event is still remembered by some folks who grew up in the former Kingdom of Hanover as did this writer.

    The much maligned Kaiser Wilhelm II did try very hard to mend fences with the Hanoverian population and instituted many honors to the Hanoverian regiments to honor their past achievements in battles and campaigns going back to the siege of Gibraltar (1780's) by the institution of the Gibraltar cuff-band)

    Bernhard H. Holst

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