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    Had a terrible accident this morning with an exploded tube of superglue and my new parade mounted Hindenburg crosses ribbon :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1:

    is there anything i can do? its set rock hard and has caused a darkened stain. My mother always said i shouldnt have nice things... :speechless:

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    Well, how about taking the superglue as far away from your collection as is humanly possible.

    I dare not ask what it was doing so close!

    And as far as I know, that ribbon will never be the same again. You may try to use thinners but that will simply ruin the ribbon completely. And I doubt if warm water will be of any use at all.

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    Guest Rick Research

    We have all had Ghastly Learning Experiences

    though mine were from the Time Before Super Glue :speechless1:

    Lesson learned, eh? :banger:

    I can only hope it was a single 74 year old Cross and not an entire mounted group wrecked? Lone Hindenburgs, while the loss of one is sad, are not in short supply yet...

    though 'tis incidents like this that keep removing surviving untouched original items every single day. :catjava:

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