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    I'm usually pretty good at identifying badges on photo's....but this one is a little too hard! No chance of upping the scanner resolution and giving us little more to work with?

    The bottom badge looks to have the wings of a pilot's badge, which would mean the middle one would be an EK1. Top=??

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    Guest Rick Research

    I think the top's his Three Birdies glider badge-- a very strange way to wear awards-- all that available abdomen space and he's got the third badge part way under his belt!

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    Guest Brian von Etzel

    I'm guessing some other type of Civil Awards. But yes Rick that bottom one could be the Winged Man.

    Edited by Brian von Etzel
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    It depends but i do think we can know it for sure. hwoever then we need a bit of your help with dates Chris :P

    Do you have a idea on when he won his awards during WWII (such as clasps towards the iron cross, etc .. ), this can be the clue. let me explain a bit.

    It was common practice before the institution of the large NSFK glider badge to wear a bullion version of the Silver C badge. After institution of the Large NSFK badge it was one of the award criteria (bedingungsgruppe II) that holders of the Silver C where eligible to receive the large NSFK badge. So here is the clue IMHO.

    Iff you can date the picture better then we might have the answers.

    Cordial greetings, :jumping:

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