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    MVR Colonel Georgi Stoitsev Georgiev

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    In 1971 he receives a 10 Year MVR Long Service Medal. Note the conspicuous absence (again) of a 15 & 20 year service Medal; despite what we will see shortly. The Ricks believe we are starting to see an interesting pattern within the MVR.

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    At 22 Years old he was issued a (blank on dues) "Komsomol" Booklet. Perhaps to signify he had done this when he was much younger?

    The booklet says he joined the DKMS in May 1951. Probably he lost the original document and needed a new one when applying for some job or study. Or maybe worked in the DKMS system for a while.

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    Well, we always wonder about completeness. I've seen groups split and scattered to the 4 corners of the globe. I do work pretty hard at keeping things as complete as possible and was quite pleased to find this little beauty that belongs to the group!!

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