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Sure Bob, I can provide only this image from my own collection. But I know there are others

here amongst our members . This one is known as a Deumer. The Deschler differs slightly on the feathers. There is also one referred to as "Juncker", where the tip of the feathers are positioned above the horizontal bar and the lower part of the oakleaves, not being positioned on the same level (lower part) on the very same bar. For the time being, ignore the 4th referred to




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Guest Darrell

This is the type often referred to as Juncker. They sometimes have a "double strike" to the lettering.

Is yours magnetic Gordon?

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I stand corrected, there are two other unknown makers which leads me to ask the question. Are there any

photos available of these unknown shield makers? Maybe some folks are judging shields as reproductions simply because they do not conform to the Deumer or Deschler patterns.

best regards.


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There is no shortage of speculation about Narvik shields but much less in the way of firm information. No so long ago those zink Narvik shields with the space between the wings and eagles head were being bad-mouhted as fakes, now the fashion has changed and they are accepted as genuine ( which they are). Those with a shorter, stubbier tail to the "9" in the date are often claimed to be fake too, which is also nonsense. I have an original wartime publication which has a photo (not a drawing) of a Kriegsmarine Narvik shield which clearly has a shorter stubby tail to the "9".

I don't think anyone really has any definitive information on exactly which firms made the Narvik shield.

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Please offer comments to this shield. An identical shield was posted on the WAF and some concerns were raised about the reverse, maybe a repo or just uncommon arrangement. This one has the four pins in the horizontal and are wide with no taper on ends. The shield is vaulted and just looks good to me. Please help!



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Here are four of mine. I've never yet been able to get my head around the things to look for in these shields. Plus my...........errrrrrr......memory you know. No 1:-

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NO 4. This looks exactly the same as No.1 but as I can't seem to put my hands on it for the moment, my memory you know, I can't compare it or show a reverse scan.



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As for the Narvik shields there are NO definite makers known. To my knowledge Narvik shield were never marked on the shield or on the backing paper.

What I know is that there were at least 6 different makers of Narvik shields some of them also with some variations.

I started calling some of these shields by their (probably) maker because in the case of;

Deumer, this exact type of shield was found several times on so called ?sample boards?. There are two variations known of this type. One with the area closed between the eagles head and the winds, and one without. Also the best fake around is based on a Deumer type of shield.

Juncker, this maker was suggested in a German military magazine as maker for the type of shield were the wings didn?t touch the bar. Also called the snaggletooth shield. I was unable to contact the author of this article so there is no proof that this type of shield was made by Juncker.

Deschler, this maker was also suggested in the same German article. Again no proof that this type of shield was made by Deschler.

These are the only makers linked with Narvik shields. There however no proof that these makers ever made these shield but until proven otherwise I keep calling these type of shield by there makers name.

As for the shield in this thread:

Post #5 Peter J, Original made by Deumer

Post #6 & 7 Darrell, Original by unknown maker

Post #8 Gordon, Original by Juncker

Post #9 & 10 Jan Arne, Original made by Deumer

Post #16 & 17 Marvin Jeffus, Repro of a Deumer shield

Post #18 & 19 Pete, Original made by Deumer

Post #20 & 21 Pete, Original made by unknown maker

Post #22 & 23 Pete, Original made by Deschler

Post #24 Pete, Original made by Deumer



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