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    P08 regt stamped holster...

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    Congratulations on finding a very nice example. I don't think I have ever seen one marked in this way. If they are unit marked at all, it is usually an ink stamp on the inside of the flap. I love it! :beer:


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    I would say that the unit mark is just for Infantry Regiment 234. Often when it is a line regiment the R alone is just used as an abbreviation instead of I.R. or J.R. (interchangable). If it was a reserve unit it should show R.R. or if a single letter was used it would be a script R instead of a roman R. I have a holster marked like this, but under the flap. If memory serves it was the 144th Inf. Regt. The Luger has the same unit mark with both matching magazines and the holster is also numbered to the gun. It was taken from an officer POW near Monte Cassino by a member of the 36th Div. and I got it from him. If this is something you want to keep, I can look them up and give you their wartime service history. Let me know,

    Dan Murphy

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    Hi Dan,

    From 1st to 133 regimental numbers you have a salad with just about every number having a regular, reserve, landwehr numbers. From 134 to 193 all are regular inf regts (with one Landw. rget included in there), 194-200 were not used but the Regimental numbers 201-273 exist only as reserve regts, numbers from 274 to 327 were not used then from 328 to regt 479 everything is regular Inf rgets with only 2 more reserves (440 and 441) and 12 landwehr mixed in with them.



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    As Chris pointed out, there was no Infanterie-Regiment numbered 234.

    RIR 234 was one of 48 regiments raised in September and October 1914 and 75% of its initial contingent of soldiers were volunteers, especially students and older pupils from G?ttingen.

    The regiment was raised in Kassel (regimental staff and I. Batl. drawn from men of Ers.-Batl./I.R.Nr. 83, II. Batl. drawn from men of Ers.-Btl./I.R.Nr. 167) and G?ttingen (III. Batl. drawn from men of Ers.-Btl./I.R.Nr. 82)

    and assigned to 51. Reserve-Division.

    A fourth battalion was raised in September 1916, which became I./L.I.R.Nr. 435 a month later.

    The regimental history will reveal more (my copy is out on loan).

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    I must add a minor correction to the information above. After its inception, RIR 234 was initially assigned to 48. Reserve-Division before being transferred to 51. Reserve-Division.

    This has prompted me to finally finish a couple of overviews showing orders of battle and calendars of battles and engagements for 48. RD and 51. RD which I have now uploaded at http://www.militaerpass.net/48rd.htm and http://www.militaerpass.net/51rd.htm

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