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    Question about unique colonial SWA medal bar

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    I got this medal bar which has some rare medals on from the winners family. Unfortunately I only have the family name and no other information. I appreciate any help on following questions:

    -Family name is Deubert, can this be verfied?

    -How many men got the combination of PrMEZ1 and PrMEZ2 during the action in German South-West-Africa?

    -Is there a list of the PrMEZ1 winners in SWA/German colonies?

    -Is it possible to find out in which unit this guy has served in SWA?

    Thanks for all help!

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    VERY interesting that you got that one, I didn't think the owner was selling it.

    The owner found the items when he cleared out a house basement, he neither collects any kind of medals nor has any knowledge about his greatgreatuncle, so he decided he could use the money better than the medals.

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    To make you happy cool.gif

    Deubert, Karl, Vizefeldwebel im 2. Feld-Rgt. der Schutztruppe für Südwestafrika:

    MEZ2 3.11. 1904 (Preußische Ordensliste 1905, Band III, S. 213)

    MEZ1 2.11.1905 (Preußische Ordensliste 1905, 1. Nachtrag, S. 251)

    Regards, Komtur.

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