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    Georg Johannes Friedrich von Eppstein

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    I have this great ribbon bar in my humble collection (thanks to Heikocheers.gif ) and I am seeking more information about the owner - Georg Johannes Friedrich von Eppstein - A Jewish civil servant.

    Thank you to Rick, Naxos and Solomon, we know (this info is copied from they post here on GMIC):

    Born in Breslau 20 March 1874

    Georg Johannes Friedrich von Eppstein, raised to "Freiherr" in November 1918.

    Professor Doctor of Philosophy Epstein worked his way up to being Chief of the Civil Cabinet of Lippe-Detmold, with titles Wirklicher Geheimer Rat and Geheimer Kabinettsrat. In 1915 he was "Oberleutnant" and Orderly Officer of Generalkommando VII. Armeekorps, in his spare time. He was responsible for publishing period reference source for civilians, the German Orders Almanac.

    His EK2 should be actually on noncombatant ribbon since he never actually left his senior Lippe civil administration job. Von Eppstein also had the Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm Centenary Medal and the Lippe 1905 lawsuit Medal and many foreign orders and awards.

    Because that, what I have, it has to be his top row of multiple rows, or he just wore the most important awards.

    LDH4a 16.07.1903 (returned) as Dr.phil. Schrioftsteller "Deutschen Ordens Almanach"

    Lippe Rose 2nd with Oakleaves 9.9.1908 as Literary Director of the "Neuen Politischen Korrespondenz" and "Deutschen Ordens-Almanach" in Berlin

    Leopold 2 with Crown 30.01.1912 (returned presumably... but continue on. That is what the last ribbon has to be, even with no crown device) as Professor in Berlin-Wilmersdorf

    LDH2 30.05.13 as Geheimer Kabinettsrat in Detmold (skipping any grade of the 3rd class) (returned)

    LDH2X 18.10.1915 as Geh-Kabinettsrat u Oberleutnant Ordonnanz Offizier Gen Kdo VII. AK, in Detmold (!) (returned)

    LDH1X 17.02.1917 as Chef Zivilkabinett, Wirkl Geh-Rat u Geh-Kabinettsrat in Detmold (!)

    Leopold 1 11.11.1918 Chef Geheimer Zivilkabinett und Wirkl-Geheimer Rat, Detmold

    Southwest Africa Medal in Steel

    There were only 39 men with that class of the Lippe Rose


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    What I especially would like to find out is, what he did after 1933. Did he emigrated to Netherlands? Is there any information about that, what confirms it? Also if any of you have seen his photo somewhere...2014.gif

    Any help and info would be much appriciated!beer.gif


    Timo aka Noor

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    I am a relative from Eppstein and i found this topic here. I am intrested in that ribbon that you have. I am looking for relatives too because I do not actually know how I am related but I know that I am. And I also found out more about his death.

    With best regards

    Mike Jackson

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    In case anyone remains interested.

    Epstein was a Lt.d.R.a.D., formerly in the reserve of Inf.-Regt. Nr. 51. He was promoted to OLt.d.R.a.D. on 18 April 1915, and was at the time in Res.-Inf.-Regt. Nr. 270. He was then Ordonnanz-Offizier on the staff of the VII. Armeekorps. So as a serving military officer, his Iron Cross was indeed on the combatant ribbon. He also received the Iron Cross 1st Class, the Lippe Kriegsverdienstkreuz and the Lippe Kriegsehrenkreuz für heldenmütige Tat.

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