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  1. Thanks for the correction...you are right... By the way, with Google Maps I found the place, where this picture was taken...there is still a restaurant with the same name. Regards Roman
  2. Nice idea....here is a rare one from my collection (snapshot of my great grandfather): A marine officer is greating together with some paratroopers an officer of the Luftwaffe (see flag on the car). The marine officer is also wearing the Kuban shield...
  3. Hi Dave, difficult question, which only can be answered with the help of the award receipts (stored in the archive). In general since 1915 the LMVM was lower ranked than the LK, which was usually awarded together with the IC2. But even here exceptions exist, as I have documents in my collection stating the LMVM award and later the award of the IC2, without having the LK. By the way, formely the LMVM without swords on the medal was only awarded y high ranked officers and was turned in 1915 into a medal for the troops. Officers got during the WW1 at least the LK and / or the house-order. Regards Roman
  4. Just discovered this nice topic regarding Sturm-Bataillon.... I also have to contribute something from my collection, directly received from the descendants of Fritz Kleineges, Wachtmeister at Sturmbat. No.5 (Rohr) / Haubitzen-Batterie - award document for Lippe-Detmold cross for heroic deeds (received on 11th June 1918) - the rest of his awards (IC1, black wound-badge, Feldehrenzeichen) Regards Roman
  5. Hi gents, I would like to show you a quite rare picture of Prince Woldemar zur Lippe-Detmold, who was ruling the principal Lippe-Detmold from 1875-1895. Pictures of him are quite rare...on this one he is wearing the uniform of a "Rechtsritter des Johanniter-Orden" 🙂 Regards Roman
  6. To be honest I don´t know exactly. I think I was reading somewhere, that these medals were given during a visit of the Prince to "his" soldiers, as the IR 55 was always considered as the Lippe-Regiment. My guess would be a retrospective ceremony.
  7. Hello Laurentius, thank you 🙂 I asked a very good question, which already caused 100 years ago a quite significant confusion. In fact, following the statutes, the military merit medal was awarded, when the deeds of the soldier were not sufficent enough to receive the war merit cross (and / or the Prussian Iron Cross). But especially at the beginning of the war (1914-1916) almost nobody returned his military merit medal after receiving the cross and even the "Staatsministerium" was unsure about the returning procedure. So the Prince was officially asked about it and in 1917 the "Militärkabinett" sent an official letter to the Staatsministerium in order to clearify that the medal had to be returned after receiving the cross (I have a copy of this letter in my files). If you go through the receipts of the military merit medal you will find various stamped receipts, stating that the medal was returned after awarding the cross. To summarize...some did it and some not. That´s why you find medalbars with both awards as well. There was only one exception: In 1915 the Prince ordered to award 55 wounded soldiers of the IR 55 with the military merit medal (without swords!), used more like a wound badge...these 55 medals had not to be returned!. Below you will find an example of such a stamped receipt of the war merit cross. I hope, I explained it in an understandable way...quite complicate topic. Regards Roman
  8. Here is a medalbar from Lippe-Detmold, showing the silver merit-cross Brunswig at its end. The 2nd place is empty (ribbon of the military merit medal Lippe-Detmold), as it had been returned after receiving the war merit cross Lippe-Detmold. Regards Roman
  9. Yes, I guess he received the golden merit cross for his retirement, as he was already 65 years old, when he got it.
  10. Hi Claudio, I took a closer look on the list and I count even 31 candidates, who awarded the combination silver + golden merit cross Schaumburg-Lippe (and I already deleted the entries with other known awards). So there are even more possible candidates, as the Schaumburg rolls unfortunately don´t show their birthdays (with which at least some can be excluded)....nevertheless a really nice medalbar!
  11. Haha...it´s "only" Schaumburg-Lippe, so I´m pretty relaxed. I have the (incomplete) rolls for Schaumburg-Lippe here, but there are already more than 20 possible candiates (incl. Adolf Krauß), who got beside the golden merit cross also the silver one. So the identification of this bar might be not possible. Regards Roman
  12. Dear all, I would like to show you the latest receipt to my collection (maybe you also saw the auction on Ebay). This quite unusual medalbar was, due to its awards, quite easily IDable. The former owner can only be the Gendarm (police-officer) Casimir Ignatz Hasse from Salzuflen, as he was the only candidate with a fitting age. He was born on 27th March 1841 in Sabbenhausen (Lippe-Detmold) and he awarded the folllowing medals/orders: - Lippe-Detmold Goldenes Verdienstkreuz / golden merit cross (25th September 1906 / No. 91 of the list) // early version in gold - Lippe-Detmold Silbernes Verdienstkreuz / silver merit cross (18th April 1886 / No. 295 of the list) - Lippe-Detmold Feldzugsmedaille 1866 / war memorial medal 1866 (awarded in 1867) - Preußen Erinnerungskreuz Mainarmee 1866 / Prussia war memorial cross Mainarmee 1866 - Preußen Erinnerungsmedaille für Kämpfer 1870/71 / Prussia war memorial medal for combatants 1870/71 - Lippe-Detmold Goldene Verdienstmedaille / golden merit medal (awarded on 9th June1898 / No. 36 of the list) - Lippe-Detmold Erinnerungsmedaille an den Einzug des Grafregenten Ernst 1897 / Throne-medal 1897 (No. 143) - Preußen Centenarmedaille 1897 / Prussia century medal 1897 In the original state the golden merit medal Lippe-Detmold was missing (see also the picture of it below), I added another one from my collection for this scan. To proof that Hasse was the former owner, I also added an extract of his receipt for the golden merit cross (chronologically the last award), where he listed all shown awards. I hope you, like it as I do 🙂 Regards Roman
  13. Here is another small contribution... - war honor medal Lippe-Detmold for NC - house-order 4th class div. A Lippe-Detmold (made by C.F. Zimmermann, late piece)
  14. 🤩 Nice ribbonbar...would fit exactly in my collection! On his revers for the LDH4 with swords Robert Franz Strehle noted in the column "other awards and orders" on 12th September 1917: E.K.2 Pr.K.O.4 Bayr.Mil.Verd.Ord. 4 m. Schw. Würtb. Ritterkr. I Kl. m. Schw. des Friedr.Ord. Lipp.Kr.Verd.Kr. Hamb.Hanseaten Kr. Hess.Kr.Ehrenzeichen Regards Roman
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