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  1. I won´t exclude this at all. This cross came along with a mixture of other badges / awards (see picture below) from a private person for small money. Already the mixture of two British awards from WW1 and WW2 with a badge of a German veteran´s meeting from 1936 was quite unusual and the seller had no idea from where these medals / crosses were coming except that these ones were coming from her grandmother 35 years ago. BR. Roman
  2. I know the usual iron propaganda crosses "For Kaiser", "For Kultur" etc....it might be a biker´s cross or decoration, but it is at least 35 years old. IMO for a biker´s cross it is too ugly...a quite strange piece.
  3. Hello, this little (ugly) fellow came along with two British stars and I´m wondering if it is a propaganda IC or one of the crosses, you could buy in UK for money during WW1? The cross is unmagnetic, quite heavy (17,6 grams), smaller than the original equivalent and crooked / non-symetric. The core is black painted. Can anybody help me with some additional information or maybe pictures of a similar cross? I´m pretty sure, that it is quite old, not a modern fake. Thanks in advance. BR Roman
  4. Wow, thank you for the additional information...quite interesting!
  5. Thanks for your help, which is really appreciated. Unfortunately there are no more additional information from the seller (private person) on this cross and the rest of the badges and awards which were sold with this one. I will show you, once the stuff arrived. BR Roman
  6. Hi, I just got offered and bought the 1914-15 star medal shown below. In my opinion it should be an original award, or? Now I need some help in identifying the previous owner. I read 2262 L-Cpl. J.Botham, Linc.R. L-Cpl. should stand for Lance Corporal (J.Botham)...does Linc.R. mean Royal Lincolnshire Regiment? What would be the value of this medal, as it is definitely not my area of collection. Thanks in advance. BR Roman
  7. No, a Lippe-Detmold war merit cross 1st class doesn´t exist...but it pretty much looks like a Lippe-Detmold cross for heroic deeds, like the attached one. In addition the guy wears also the ribbon for the war merit cross Lippe-Detmold. Do I see correctly a "55" on the shoulder of the upper left guy? If yes, everything would fit, as the 55 infantry-regiment was the one from Lippe-Detmold. Best regards Roman
  8. No, not only a valor award, it was also awarded by non-combatants, e.g. teachers. It was somehow turned into a valor award for the veterans of the war 1870/71 by spending later the swords for the ribbon.
  9. Tztztz...lovely nice little bar...everything fits including the swords on the ribbon (showing that the former owner awarded the silver cross during the war 1870/71 and "awarded" in 1912 as a veteran). By the way, here is a very similar medalbar from my collection, unfortunately without swords.... Best regards Roman
  10. Thanks for the correction...you are right... By the way, with Google Maps I found the place, where this picture was taken...there is still a restaurant with the same name. Regards Roman
  11. Nice idea....here is a rare one from my collection (snapshot of my great grandfather): A marine officer is greating together with some paratroopers an officer of the Luftwaffe (see flag on the car). The marine officer is also wearing the Kuban shield...
  12. Hi Dave, difficult question, which only can be answered with the help of the award receipts (stored in the archive). In general since 1915 the LMVM was lower ranked than the LK, which was usually awarded together with the IC2. But even here exceptions exist, as I have documents in my collection stating the LMVM award and later the award of the IC2, without having the LK. By the way, formely the LMVM without swords on the medal was only awarded y high ranked officers and was turned in 1915 into a medal for the troops. Officers got during the WW1 at least the LK and / or the house-order. Regards Roman
  13. Just discovered this nice topic regarding Sturm-Bataillon.... I also have to contribute something from my collection, directly received from the descendants of Fritz Kleineges, Wachtmeister at Sturmbat. No.5 (Rohr) / Haubitzen-Batterie - award document for Lippe-Detmold cross for heroic deeds (received on 11th June 1918) - the rest of his awards (IC1, black wound-badge, Feldehrenzeichen) Regards Roman
  14. Hi gents, I would like to show you a quite rare picture of Prince Woldemar zur Lippe-Detmold, who was ruling the principal Lippe-Detmold from 1875-1895. Pictures of him are quite rare...on this one he is wearing the uniform of a "Rechtsritter des Johanniter-Orden" 🙂 Regards Roman
  15. To be honest I don´t know exactly. I think I was reading somewhere, that these medals were given during a visit of the Prince to "his" soldiers, as the IR 55 was always considered as the Lippe-Regiment. My guess would be a retrospective ceremony.
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