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    Grandfathers Portrait and wherpass.

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    The entry on page 21 indicates that he was employed as a rifleman (Gewehrsch?tze). The German word used for this might be confused with "sniper" by someone not familiar with German military terminology.

    As Doug points out, any indication of his use as a sniper would probably be associated with entries for the issue of an appropriate scoped rifle in his Soldbuch, and possibly a sniper training course in his Wehrpass. He probably served as an ordinary infantryman.

    At the time of his death, Infanterie-Regiment 458 was part of 258. Infanterie-Division with Army Group Centre.


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    Thanks for the trans of the pass..

    This is the letter My Grandmother received, with notice of his death.

    My mother was only 8yrs old, But remembers her tore it up, and her older sister got it from the trash and saved it.

    My aunt just recently sent it to us..I dont know german, is it of any interest?

    IPB Image


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