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    I found this pic and may bid on it. However I need a little help with identifing the ribbons on the 11 place bar. Here is what I see

    1. EK2

    2. ?

    3. ?

    4. BMV4X

    5. ?

    6. KO4X or WF3aX

    7. ?

    8. SMK

    9. Austrain?


    11. Turkish (TH)

    If we can file in some of the missing awards I can do the ID.

    Edited by Paul C
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    I had a discussion with Rick Research on this and what I think is there is:

    1. EK2

    2. Centennary or KO4

    3. KO4 or Centennary

    4. BMV4X

    5. SA3?X

    6. HEK3X

    7. HT

    8. SMK

    9. Austrian

    10. Turkish (TJ)

    11. TH

    If that is the case than the pic is of Ivo von Trotha.

    Edited by Paul C
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