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    I am hoping that some one will be kind enough to supply a first name for either or both of these gentlemen (other service information gratefully received as well).

    Oberstleutnant von Carlowitz - I think he was the Kmdt. Reserve Infanterieregiment Nr.103 (part of the 46 Reserve Infantry Brigade; 23 Reserve Division);and

    Oberstleutnant von Scharfenort - who I have listed as Kmdt Grenadier Regiment Kronprinz (1.Ostpresssischen) Nr.1.

    I have checked on-line with out luck and I do not have access to any period reference publications.



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    Thank you for the information.

    It must be Hauptmann Carl-Wilhelm v. Scharfenort as opposed to the Oberstleutant that I thought he was.

    Do you happen to have any history on his seniority and wartime service?

    I finally managed to scan a copy of the reverse of the photo I thought was Carl-Wilhelm von Scharfenort, but now I am not so sure.



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    Carlowitz Georg Anton von born 15-12-1866

    Leutnant : 27-9-1887

    Oberleutnant : 18-9-1893

    Hauptmann : 29-3-1900

    Major : 24-9-1910

    Oberstleutnant : 20-8-1915

    Oberst : 18-4-1918

    z. D : 26-1-1919

    a. D : 7-3-1919

    24-9-1910 – 30-9-1912 Stab JB Nr. 12

    1-10-1912 – 1-8-1914 Bat Kdr IR Nr. 182

    1-8-1914 – 18-10-1915 Kdr JB Nr. 12

    18-10-1915 – 22-1-1917 Kdr RIR Nr. 103

    22-1-1917-24-10-19118 Kdr Jäger Reg Nr .7

    6-11-1918 – 13-11-1918 Kdr Erszatz IR Nr. 5


    SH2 : 28-8-1916

    SH3 : 30-11-1914


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    Many thanks for the additional information, this just what I was after.

    I have only just started to get into Imperial German Officers and their careers and am struggling in trying to get information.



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