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Hi John,

Yes, larger pictures would be a benefit in assessing the badge, but we can say that it has the characteristics of a 2nd pattern by C.E Juncker.

These badges, as is the way with most TR collectables, have been copied and this is where the clear (obverse/reverse) photo?s come into play.

Going on the photo supplied?. I would say that it?s okay, but let?s have a shot of the back just to make sure.

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Hi John,

I can only agree with John & Jan - a reverse pic is required - as is a bigger obverse pic imo. I can't see a notched swas so I was thinking Deumer but from what I can see of the wreath (especially the shape of the oak leaves) it matches neither Juncker or Deumer.



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Well, looking at the reverse of this badge, I have some serious concerns....

Thickness of the wire used on the catch. The hinge looks close but would need to see some better pix.

Rivets are not typical for Juncker, but again...better pix. Overall finish seems strange, almost like it's been artificially aged. Maker mark? Can?t make it out...better pix.

If I were asked to buy this badge on these pictures alone, I would decline the offer. It?s one of those badges where I would err on the side of caution until seeing either better pix or have in hand for inspection.

Time to get that camera working. ;)

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Hi Guys,

This is my first FJ badge. It is quite heavy compared to other FJ badges, and has no makers mark.

Can any one tell me about it?



Just wondering,is it the same badge as in post 1?

(John states that the badge has no maker mark in the initial post).

Not intending to nit-pick,just clarifying.


Edited by Neil B
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