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Hello Gentlemen,here is the senior Order of Niger, the National Order.

The National Order was instituted by Law 61.130/PRN of 24 July 1961 (2 Years before Order of Merit & Order of Agricultural Merit).

It's a 5 classes Order : Grand Cross - Grand Officer - Commander - Officer - Knight + a Collar reserved for the Grand Master of the Order.

To be awarded the National Order,a citizen must be minimum 30 years old,justify a minimum of 15 years in the civil service of the state,or 20 years in the private sector.

Promotion from Knight to Officer needs a minimum of 5 years.Promotion from Officer to Commander needs a minimum of 4 years.Then 3 years for Grand Officer and again 3 years for Grand Cross.

Of course these promotion are NOT automatic.

Here is presented the set of Grand Officer.


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General de Gaulle was awarded a special version of the National Order of the Niger with diamons ball tipped.

Vatjan has to be credited for the beautifull pictures he took from the awards of General de Gualle who are on dsiplay in the Museum of the Order of the Compagnon of Liberation (it's inside the Army Museum in Paris,just next to the Dome of the Invalid where Emperor Napoleon is buried).


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On 23/02/2020 at 15:09, 1812 Overture said:

The order for Niger has been commissioned to manufacture in Guangdong Province, China. . It can also be purchased in China. . The price is very cheap, you can buy the highest level products for less than a hundred dollars, hope you see these words, don't get angry:banger:

Do this manufacture has a website for commitions? Do they make orders of other countries? 

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