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One of my latest artillery photographs; a kanonier and two others with ranks I'm not sure I've seen in my photos before. Disclaimer upfront; I can't get a detailed scan of the shoulder straps - I've tried. The photo is a "metallic" sheen and it just won't scan in detail. However, under x6 magnifying loupe I can make out details.

The older man seated on the left might be a Offizierstellvertreter; his has metal numeral and a metal bomb on his strap. It's difficult to see if there is also braid around the strap, but there clearly is a "line" down the center of the strap (sort of like in Russian shoulder straps, but I've not seen this before on a German strap). The number looks to be a "5" but it isn't exactly centered on the "line" - as is the bomb - so there could be a digit in front of the "5" that is not clear in the photo.

The younger man seated on the right might be a Feldwebel-Leutenant; he has officer shoulder straps, but also has NCO braid on his collar. It looks like only a bomb on the strap; but I can't be sure.

The kanonier has only an embroidered bomb on his strap.

Nonetheless, they all seem to have newly awarded EK2's - a great photo for that alone in my opinion.

Any comments on the ranks from the experts?

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Nice pic... some impressive whiskers there!!

Yea, I see the story behind this trio: old kanonier is the battery screw-up; old guy on the left takes a liking to him though 'cause of the 'stache and 'cause he knows the guy is always doing his best to stay out of trouble and never succeeding; until the day the young guy makes a mistake that almost gets them all killed and the screw-up saves the day. EK2s all around.

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