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Chernobyl Liquidators Medals

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Haven't seen the one on the left.

The one on the right is a badge: "Participant in the Liquidation of Effects of the Accident at the ChAES (Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant)" This was awarded to volunteers who went into the radioactive zone to clean up the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986. I've seen a lot of these in flea markets in Eastern Europe for a few dollars. They sell for way too much on internet sites in my opinion.

Considering events in Japan, there may be increased interest in these currently.

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Hallo to all, please can you provide me some info about these two medals?

best regards,


"LIQUIDATORS" insignia - The "LIQUIDATORS" is a collective name for Soviet firefighters, military, search & rescue, police, emergency situation ministry, civil defense personal and many other ordinary heroes- all participants in The Clean Up OPERATION of CHERNOBYL NUCLEAR POWER STATION DISASTER. Russian text says: "The participant of liquidation of consequences of failure on an atomic power station" [uchastnik Likvidatzii Posledstviy Avarii na AES].

Len.VO abbreviation on the top means Leningrad Military District.

"CHERNOBYL" in Russian below.

Not sure why the order of Lenin is there. I remember reading that the plant was scheduled to be awarded the Order of Lenin just a few days after the meltdown but am unsure if this was the case following the accident.A bit of online research reveals this award may have been reserved to the first liquidators and to liquidators who were members of the communist party.

Hope this helps.

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