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    Photos of a junior officer through WW1

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    The last one for the moment. With this group we can find all the uniforms which were worn during the WW1. This officer is Leutnant Lechfeld. He's not in the Ehrenranglisten from 1926. But if I have the time I will seach him through the Dienstalters Liste 1918.. Many hours of reading. I think I can do it with an old cognac (22 years old ) and a big cigar :P . As soon as I have something I will complete this topic


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    Guest Rick Research

    Only regukars in the ERL, so a Lt dR wont be there. Can you tll his regiment from the shoulder straps? Now THAT would be a WW1 Regimental History to look for! :cheers:

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    Hi Bob,

    I have bought this group several years ago in a local show in France near Paris. I have more than 1200 photos of officers in my collection and less than 50 of NCO and EM. I still have one another group of officers of the I.R. Nr. 171 and I.R. Nr. 132. I need to scan all of them and show them.

    The photos are very important for me because with them we can prove something about uniformology and medals. That's why I have got a lot.



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