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    China, SW Afica and Colonial Medals

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    I am somewhat familiar with the China, SW Africa and Colonial medal, but not a informed as I would like to be. That is why I am starting this thread. There seems to be a large amount of interest in the medals but I don't think we have a thread on them. I would lke to start with maybe pictures of each medal and what the award criteria was. Maybe we can also include information about the different actions in China, during the Boxer revolt, I think, SW Africa and the colonies. I think this would be of benefit to all members.

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    Hi Paul,

    Good idea. I have got only DSWA medal and some ribbon bars with China campaign, and African campaign I recommend the excellent review Orden und Militaria Magazine which talk about Colonies. Nr. 43 August 1991 "Der Feldzug in China 1900-1901" and Nr. 68"Die K?mpfein Deutsch-S?dwest 1904-1908".



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    Hi colonialists... :P

    the problem is that every german colonial campaign and it`s medals and clasps, it`s ribbon bars and medal bars, it`s award documents and award criterias is a universe for itself... I think you can`t open a thread and put as much colonial information in it as possible - you won`t find anything again after some days...

    Make one thread for China, one for DSWA, one for the other colonial actions - then you have a chance to see a lot and find it again ;)



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