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pre WW1 three place medal bar

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Hi guys,

Today I received this great looking small medal bar from post and I must say - I am thrilled! I am not an expert but I think that it is one of the kind medal bar. As some members who have seen it already, indicated it has to be an Embassy staff, Royal Household clerk or Royal ship crew member set, who has been in Gibraltar during some high level visits.

Medals on the medal bar:

- 1911 Coronation medal

- Spanish Military Merit Order Cross (peacetime merit ribbon)

- Portugal D. Carlos I Royal Household Medal, 1889 (awarded from 1908) (medal is lose and I accidently scanned it, when it was wrong way around)

Any info, ideas, etc about this set would be great to hear. Also I must say that the work, pin system and quality is amazing. Unfortunately some ribbons what holds the medals in place and the Portugal medal ribbon is lose. What to you guys think - fix it or leave it like it is?


Timo aka Noor



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I would say it is a Royal House Hold Group maybe a Steward.I seem to rember i have a photo of somone wearing something close to the ribbons on this bar in my Royal staff photos.I will have a look for you if i do.


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