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    King Boris of Bulgaria, Hans Baur and who ?

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    Thanks for showing these great pictures Robert, I do like to see those Politcal caps.

    Can't really help with names I'm afraid exept to say that one of them looks to be the same official shown shaking hands with king Boris on page 98 in Angolia's book "In the Service of the Reich". He is only referred to as a "high grade career official".



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    Hi Robert, Firstly?Welcome to the Club! :beer:

    Not of much help in naming the officials but this picture, from ?In the service of the Reich? shows the same official (the one on the right of the two you?re enquiring about) greeting Boris on, what I take to be, the same visit.

    Caption reads ?High grade career official in grade A 2 c?. greets King Boris 7 June 1941.?

    Perhaps having his rank and the year of the visit will help in identifying him.

    BTW, nice photo?s?. is there any chance of seeing a few more from the album?

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    Guest Rick Research

    I hope that wasn't Boris's LAST flight, where he was taken up above oxygen level for his "fatal flying accident!" :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1:

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    This page was out of an album that really showed no interesting photos, except this page.

    Many civil photos and a lot of postwar photographs.

    I only kept this page.

    Here is the reverse of the page above:

    IPB Image

    The first photo is quite interesting cause it shows Meissner, a man who signed many documents but is not very often to see on photographs:

    IPB Image

    The second one shows an airforce general, I have forgotten the name, help me out.

    IPB Image

    Kind regards


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