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12 pcs Miniature Bar

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Hello Gents,

today I got this nice MIni bar, but I'm not collecting british decorations.

Who may help me to identificate the decorations and which rank got the owner?

I guess to find a name is impossible?

Who can tell me how many Euros are possible if I'm selling this bar.

I do not like ebay...

Thank you and best regards


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Great bar - should be able to ID owner. Very high rank. Medals: British Order of the Bath, British Order of St. Micheal and St. George, Queens South Africa (Boar War), Kings South Africa (Boar War), 1914 Star (Mons bar), British War Medal (WW1), British Victory Medal (WW1 - with "MID" mention in Dispatches), French Legion of Honor (Officer), I believe Belgium, French Croix of war - two Army level palms, I believe Belgium War Cross (Croix) with palm, and United States Army Distinguished Service Medal. Can't give you price, but very high. Cheers Captain Albert

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This has been shown before on the forum when it was posted on eBay for sale. I can't find the thread right now but the owner couldn't be pinned down at the time (although i probably can now). It would be a unique set of awards. I can't remember what the owner was asking on eBay but it was too much. Check the DNW auction archive to get comparable results it would be the best way to gauge market trend.



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