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  1. Ok Gents, I provide you only one side of the mentioned cross. Please check out the blank surface. Regards Seeheld
  2. Actually I have 2 original crosses in my collection, but also the bad guys reading world wide... At the moment the fakes are really so far away from a genuine one, because they do not know how it is looking in reality. And this is good for us collectors. Regards Frank
  3. The MVK from Mecklenburg are actually very easy to identify and not a mine field. Almost all are fakes. This example is a very simple fake, which is very far away from original Crosses. Regards Seeheld
  4. Nice Picture, but I do not see any medal from Baden. The second medal is also from Bavaria. Regards Seeheld
  5. I‘m not 100 percent sure, but for me it‘s for the Griffins Order from Mecklenburg. regards Seeheld I would buy it for my Collection.
  6. I'm in doubt about this medal bar. Better pictures from the China-Medal and the claps are needed. Best regards Seeheld
  7. Hi Alan, thank you for showing us. You have really nice crosses in your collection. Congrats Regards Seeheld
  8. Hi Alan, wow, you have a very nice collection already. Please be so kind and show us the silver and gold crosses from the Order of the Wendian Crown. Regards Seeheld
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