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  1. I‘m not 100 percent sure, but for me it‘s for the Griffins Order from Mecklenburg. regards Seeheld I would buy it for my Collection.
  2. This is Carl Kurz. Regards Seeheld
  3. I'm in doubt about this medal bar. Better pictures from the China-Medal and the claps are needed. Best regards Seeheld
  4. Hi Alan, thank you for showing us. You have really nice crosses in your collection. Congrats Regards Seeheld
  5. Hi Alan, wow, you have a very nice collection already. Please be so kind and show us the silver and gold crosses from the Order of the Wendian Crown. Regards Seeheld
  6. Hi Alan, your Knight Cross is an original and nice one. The weight is in range. Don't worry. I have several crosses in my collection and the weights are between 22g - 26g. Only the ring for the ribbon should be also made from gold. Regards Seeheld
  7. Nice find and very interesting! thanks for sharing regards seeheld
  8. Hi Dave, thank you for your information supply. Today I have received the medal bar. It's really a beauty. Maybe the Chilean Order is on a wrong ribbon? I know this order on a dark blue ribbon. I do not have any information regarding this order. Regards Seeheld
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