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    Database Guidelines & Notices - Please Read Before Posting

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    Welcome to a new project for GMIC. Being a paperwork collector one of the reasons I collect the citations is for the signatures on them and as such have to trawl through books, websites, personally compiled files & trade emails to find examples to provide a comparison.With that in mind the aim of this new project is to provide a great resource for those who either collect paperwork from the Imperial German &/or Third Reich period or have an interest in just collecting signatures


    The signatures could be members of all the various military, paramilitary & civil organisations from the Imperial German & Third Reich period, well known personalities or Kompanie Commanders - basically an all encompassing database. We have all types of collectors here: Imperial Germany, TN, Polizei, Feldgendarmerie, OT, HV etc so the potential for building up a great database covering all such signatures is there. Signatures could be from award citations, soldbucher, wehrpasse, ausweis, war time letters, photos, dedicated books etc.


    Basically if you have a signature on some paperwork and know who it belongs to then please feel free to post it with some amplifying information on the signer, however basic, to build up a comprehensive database that has the potential to be a great resource. If you have a signature from a different timeframe of someone that has already been added to the database feel free to add it to that particular thread.


    Stipulations For Posting Images


    1. The person posting the signature must be the owner of the item.


    2. Items published are NOT up for discussion in the thread - the idea is to build up a database rather than a discussion. If members have doubts about any that are posted then a PM to the Moderator with their views can be passed and regulated that way.


    3. Photos are to be attached to the post – i.e. not via an image hosting site so there are no ‘dead posts’ in the future.


    4. Post War signed items of Imperial & Third Reich individuals must be clearly marked as being Post-War.


    Viewing the section in alphabetical order: Just select the SORT BY option on the upper right and then select TITLE.

    Thank you and I hope that our contributions can put this project on the map.


    KEViN / Hucks (hucks216)


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    I actually have a number of examples of signatures that could be added, but they don't fit your criteria. What I have are digital photos of officer personnel files, where the officer signed and attached a photo to his Personal-Nachweis. Here, for example, is Gotthard Heinrici, which you can compare to the example you have in the databse.

    Please let me know if you think these would be of use.

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    No one owns the documents. They are part of the Captured German Military Records collection at the U.S. National Archives. They are official German government documents held by a U.S. government agency, and not copyright-able under U.S. or German law. The photographs of the documents, of course, are the copyright of the person who took the photo, but since that person is me, I am pretty sure that's not an issue.

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    • 3 months later...

    Just a quick post to say a big Thank You to all those members who have been generous and have raided their collections to add signatures to this database so far. Since the database opened in October last year there are now 10 pages of signatures, ranging from the well-known to the never-heard-of's (and each one is just as valuable an addition as the other), with the combined viewing figures for this database, and the Image Library, running into the thousands proving that your generosity has been very useful to others.

    Hopefully as and when you discover new signatures within your collections you will continue to post the examples here helping the database to grow, and for those that have signatures in their collections and have yet to post please feel free to.

    With regards to posting images there is something in the pipeline to hopefully help with resizing - please follow the link for more details... http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/blog/3/entry-89-membership-levels-images/

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    • 4 weeks later...

    NEW - With a view to helping members identify those unknown signatures in their collections a new set of threads have been added and pinned to the start of this Database with one each for the relevant arm of service for both WW1 & WW2 as well as ones for those signatures that do not fit into one of the other categories.

    So if you have such a signature please feel free to post it in the relevant Unidentified thread and maybe another member will be able to help put a name to the squiggle! Once a signature has been identified please add it to the database under the signers own name.

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