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I am looking for a bio/photo of an Amtsrat Hermann Jacob. He was the "Amtsrat im Reichskreigsministerium and the Amtsrat beim Oberkommando des Heeres", and was resposible for preparing the "Sammlung von Heeresverwaltungs-Verfügungen".

I have posted a scan of an OKH order: O.K.H. 7. 5. 36. V1 (VII,3) H.V.BL Nr 449 in which Amtsrat is mentioned as being tasked with the Sammelung.

I am also looking for any bio/photo on a Ministralrat Hilmann who wrote "Kommentar zur Reiseverordnung für die Wehrmacht (R.V)" along with Amtsrat Jacob, and was also with the OKH

Any information would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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Jacob wasn't listed in the May 1939 DAL.

Hillmann, Nofirstname, born 01.12.78, char. Major dR aD (mdUniform FAR 63) was Intendant of 39th Inf Div in 1914. Ministerialrat 16.07.34 (as of May 1939). Unfortunately no awards to get his first name from rolls--only WW1 EK1, XXV (Wehrmacht 40), and 1897 Centenary Medal.

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