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    I am looking for a bio/photo of an Amtsrat Hermann Jacob. He was the "Amtsrat im Reichskreigsministerium and the Amtsrat beim Oberkommando des Heeres", and was resposible for preparing the "Sammlung von Heeresverwaltungs-Verfügungen".

    I have posted a scan of an OKH order: O.K.H. 7. 5. 36. V1 (VII,3) H.V.BL Nr 449 in which Amtsrat is mentioned as being tasked with the Sammelung.

    I am also looking for any bio/photo on a Ministralrat Hilmann who wrote "Kommentar zur Reiseverordnung für die Wehrmacht (R.V)" along with Amtsrat Jacob, and was also with the OKH

    Any information would be appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    Guest Rick Research

    Jacob wasn't listed in the May 1939 DAL.

    Hillmann, Nofirstname, born 01.12.78, char. Major dR aD (mdUniform FAR 63) was Intendant of 39th Inf Div in 1914. Ministerialrat 16.07.34 (as of May 1939). Unfortunately no awards to get his first name from rolls--only WW1 EK1, XXV (Wehrmacht 40), and 1897 Centenary Medal.

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    On 02/01/2012 at 03:32, Laurence Strong said:

    I am looking for a bio/photo of an Amtsrat Hermann Jacob.


    Hi Laurence,


    not sure whether you are monitoring this thread after 11 years!!


    Hermann Jacob, born 3 April 1873 was a former Prussian Intendantur official with the rank of Ober-Intendantur-Sekretär. Entered military service in 1894 and substantively appointed to the grade of a Militär-Intendantur-Sekretär on 12 December 1905 and in peacetime was on the Intendantur staff of VII. Armeekorps in Münster. He served in WW1 initially with the Governement Intendantur of Namur until September 1915 and then in the War Ministry. Granted the title of a Ober-Intendantur-Sekretär on 27 December 1915, he switched career tracks and was appointed a Geheime Expedierender Sekretär in the War Ministry on 1 April 1918.


    Restyled post-war as a Ministerialamtmann with seniority of 1 April 1918. He finally appears in the 1938 Wehrmachtbeamte Dienstaltersliste as a Amtsrat (pay grade A2d) with the same date of seniority although oddly his name is spelt as Jakob. Presumably retired shortly thereafter. He was still listed as an Amtsrat in the 1942 Berlin address book.


    With regards to the collar patch. I think you can discount the first example as officials of the rank of Amtsrat were members of the elevated career. The second example very much accords with the regulations of 22 December 1920 concerning the Bekleidung und Ausrüstung des Reichsheeres as published in the Heeresverordnungsblatt issue of 24 December 1920. The illustration is from annex (Anlage) 2 to this order showing the insignia of Heeresbeamte. Described as "The embroidery of the officials of the former Prussian War Ministry". The only subsequent pre-war alterations to collar insignia of the War Ministry/OKH/OKW concerned members of the higher career with the 1930 and 1935 patterns of Kolbenstickerei.





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