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Unknown French Fireman's Medal - Help Please

John F.

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Hello, I picked up this French Fireman’s Medal up on eBay and was wondering what exactly it is; what it was awarded for; and what does it’s ribbon look like? I have been unsuccessfully in finding any reference to this medal in any reference books or dealer's web-sites. I normally like to know what I am buying, but with less than 2 hours before the auction was to end I found this medal to be too aesthetically pleasing to let it slip by.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Hello John,

I believe the full title is "Médaille d'Honneur des Sapeurs-Pompier" and there are two types : the 1900 and the 1934 models. Yours is of the latter type.

That particular one was created in 3 classes : silver, silver-gilt and gold. Yours is the "gold" class (recognizable by the wreath - sometimes also described as a flame background - on top of its suspension).

Below is a picture of the "silver-gilt" class which also shows the ribbon for all three classes.

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