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Hi,my freunds! :beer: Here such small collection of signs of musical societies of Germany of the period of the Third Reich.1)German society of singing-Deutscher Sangerbund (DSB), member signs on area Thuringia (honourable and simple).

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Thanks for the reminders Pete. What do you think, should we combine the threads into one? These aren't strictly tinnies though....

Some nice pieces Sergey. Here are a couple of different ones:

First a Nürnberg honour pin.

Second a variant of the Badischer Sängerbund, marked 800. It's not as bright as it looks, that is due to the glare from the scanner.

I'm always a little sceptical of badges & pins that have a Swaz added to them as it could have been done at anytime.

And last another item with an added Swastika, which has been riveted on through a small hole. The badge itself is heavy & magnetic so it probably took some time to drill the hole through the centre of the circle. The question is when was it added?

There is some enamel damage to the Swaz.



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Random question... I'm a singer and also a German reenactor. I'd like to find a musically-oriented pin to wear when I reenact, but am a little confused about the different options. Could someone tell me which society or perhaps contest award pin I should be looking for?

My portrayal is an Austrain aristocrat who is a singer. Thanks!

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On ‎08‎.‎03‎.‎2012 at 14:46, srn said:

4) Sign "Man's amateur choral society Germany" in the city of Wesermunde (till 1939 belonged to the Prussian province Hanover, after Bremen).



Hi ! I got a different one which seems to be the normal one and yours the honor pin.

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Good morning,

a reply to an old post (#6).... but:

the statement "in the city of Wesermünde (till 1939 belonged to the Prussian province Hanover, after Bremen)." is not quite right. The city of Wesermünde was formed by joining Geestemünde and Lehe in 1924 (that´s correctly stated in #6). In 1927 Weddewarden and Schiffdorfer Damm were integrated and 1939 Bremerhaven, formerly part of the Free State of Bremen, also became Prussian (except the harbour facilities which remained under the control of Bremen) when made part of Wesermünde under the National-Socialist government. In 1947 the Americans, who had occupied the area changed things around by naming Wesermünde Bremerhaven and making it part of the Free State of Bremen to which it belongs to this day.


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