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    I need help! No date No stamp....No clue


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    I just got a bunch of late 19th-early 20th century Masonic order of Knights Templar stuff and found this unidentified pin. I spent a good 7 hours over the last few days trying to find it. Hopefully someone can help. I think the nut is a Hickory nut of some variety but I cant be sure.

    I will be posting pictures of the rest of my Templar gear soon. Thanks

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    Each year, the Masonic Knights Templar leaders gather in convocations. During the late 1800s and into the early 1900s, these were often huge events hosted in big cities. Commemorative pitchers, plates, books and badges were issued for these. Some were official and others were unique to a particular state or local Commandery who attended. My guess on this is that this was worn by the Templar members from Connecticut (the black and white are the colors of the Masonic Knights Templars) and the hanging nut...and I am not expert on this...is from the state where the convocation was held.  My guess if it is a hickory nut is Tennessee as the state is nicknamed the Old Hickory State in honor of President Andrew Jackson who was from there. 

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