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Here is ribbon bar I bought very recently.

Given that the medals on this ribbon bar span from at least 1897-1918 is it safe to assume that the blue ribbon represents the Prussian 25 year service decoration?

I may be incorrect in thinking this but without seeing the medal bar how does one tell if the blue ribbon is for 9, 15 or 25 years service? :wacky:

Best wishes


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Hi Matt,

It is theoretically possible that it is a 20 year service cross if he joined in 1897 and was awarded the three merit medals in 1914/1915, and died soon after. This would explain the lack of a hindenburg cross. However, it is far more likely that it is a 25 year service cross, especially since war years counted double. He might have been a recalled officer, especially since there are no colonial medals. And in answer to your last question, I don't know how to tell the years of service just by the ribbon.



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The ribbons are all the same, so no chance... unless the combination "speaks".

This could be either a NCO's bar with XV cross, or a XXV cross, probably 1920 awarded to an officer or to a NCO... unlikely to be a pre-WW1 XXV cross, as those usually come with a RAO4.

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