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    Christian L

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    i'm looking quiet often in this area during the last time, as the regimental badges, jetons and decorations are really beautifull and very interesting with all the infos given (as i'm not able to read any russian word)

    but until now i wasn't able to get, why in imperial russia they used to have so many jetons - my questions now are:

    are those official (as i've seen a pic of one in wear by a soldier in uniform)?

    for what they are?

    and if there is something mayor "behind" those i should know to understand it?

    thanks much for the help christian

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    HI Christian,

    I'll try to answer your question.

    Imperial russian had groups of jetons Military issue, Railroad, private socities. etc.

    In the late 19th century it became almost a tradition to award a Jeton.

    These were for anniverasys of private companies.Graduation of schools and special jeton for excellant service.

    seems they had one for everyone! From being manufactured in bronz to Gold, silver and enamel.

    As in Railroad jetons, wearing these had there benefits..

    The wearer of a railway jeton had FREE passage on any railroad in the empire.

    A guard officer with a Gurad Military Jeton cound not be arrested of any crime by Police.

    It was a military matter..So most crimes went unreported.

    Again its like todays socity If you wear a timex you usually dont get as much respect as if you wear a Rolex.

    Display of your jeton had benefits.

    Jetons that displayed the Imperial crown or coat of arms needed sepcial Imperial permission.

    before 1900 the Issue of breast badges was so previlant the the Czar instructed it was NOT desirable for all kinds of societies to establis breast badges os these were replaced by jetons..

    Hopt this helps a little

    The best book I can fine in english is "Jetons of the Russian Empire" by A.N. Ivanov

    IPB Image


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