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    Pennsylvania National Guard Medal


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    Unfortunately, the WWI Service Medals are not named or numbered. However, Pennsylvania has done a great service by digitizing their Mexican Border Service and WWI cards (among other tings) and posting them on their web site:


    The MBS cards often have the medal number; the WWI cards have enlistment, promotions, units, etc. Both are very handy to research Pennsylvania veterans.

    Jeff Floyd

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    That would be GREAT!!! :jumping:



    i was not aware of this site,

    and am most appreciative!

    BTW- looking forward to your auction!


    when i get back from SOS,

    i'll' get some pictures of pappy's

    medal bars for you.

    he was a batallion surgeon.


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    • 16 years later...

    It should be noted that there are 2 versions of the WWI Pennsylvania Medal - The National Guard version (pictured) has "PNG" in the Keystone at the lower obverse - However there was a scarcer Federal Service version for Soldiers, Sailors, & Marines who were not members of the National Guard - This Federal version has a five pointed star in the Keystone at the lower obverse



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