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I am looking for the career of a Secondelieutenant in the 3. brandenburgischen Jäger-Bataillon. His name was Johann Wilhelm Hildebrand Müller, born 1861 since 1902 Müller-Hillebrand, after his militairy career he stood in the forestry service and served as Forstmeister in Battenhausen. A deathdate on this guy is very apprciated, should it be locateable.

He had a son/grandson of some fame I know of but am not interested in at the moment :-) who was a WM General.

This data will be added to his entry in the MVM family history. He was a stephson of an aunt of Louis, the Crownprince aide de camp.

hope one of you can help me out again.



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According to the Militär-Wochenblatt (1906, s. 3342), Lt.d.L.-Jäger 2. Aufg. Müller-Hillebrand from Landwehr-Bezirk Montjoie retired on 17.11.06.

According to the Amtsblatt der Kgl. Regierung zu Cassel, Oberförster Müller-Hillebrand in Montjoie was transferred to the Oberförsterstelle Lautenhausen with effect from 1.8.07.

If it is the same guy, he is shown in the Oberförsterstelle Oldendorf in the 1913 Handbuch über den preussischen Hof und Staat. He is still there in the 1918 Court and State, as Forstmeister in Hessisch Oldendorf, and with an EK2.




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again, Dave, that is great work! I do wonder why he is not in the Stammliste of the 3 JB though. In the meantime I tried and found someone whome I think may be descended form Wilhelm Müller-Hillebrand. Contacted him and lets see what comes out.

bye for now and thanks again!


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