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S/Sgt Co F 327th GIR 101st Airborne KIA PH


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Here is one I picked up in trade !

Ssgt Landed on Utah Beach D-Day June 6 1944 with the 4th division due to the fact there were not enough gliders ! KIA Carentan france June 12 1944 6 day later

Not quite a DDay but a rare 101st Normandy KIA .

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I know all casualties deserrve the same respect... but there is something ghoulishly pleasing to have one that was in a really interesting sector and action...


I have the same with my WW1 casualties... I am really keen and eager when they were part of a unit in a major and well documented action as opposed to some poor sod killed by artillery in a sector where nothing happened and little was written...

Does not make the sacrifice any less, but stil....

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found more info

A morning report of june 18 1944 states he was wounded in hospital as of june 11

and a roster of pre D-day list him as Sgt (squad leader) of 3rd squad 1st platoon

went ashore with Force U 2nd tide D-day on LST 50 or LST 499 on Tare Green Beach (Utah)

LST 499 lost june 8 1944 to german magnetic mine and lst 50 survived ETO and PTO ending its service in greek navy 1960s

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