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Hey Chris,

the forme, the finition, the details in general give it away!

It is all about comparing and training the eye...

First glimp on that picture could give the impression the pic was taken from a special top angle making everything about the helmets extended, but the colck's at the back show it isn't.

Don't know if you are getting me...!??



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It's difficult and easy at the same time... Everything is wrong actually: the shape of all parts is wrong, colours are wrong, artificial aged components. Everything is also photographed at an odd angle and a lack of good description also point in the direction of a red flag. When you have seen and/or handeled a few originals, you can easily see the differences...

Here's an original to compare: Baden pionier Officer... Just look at the shape of the dome, the spike, the chinscales. Just look at the details of the helmet plate. Just look at the finish of the helmet overall... I think you can notice the differences now?

Adler 1


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