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    Luftwaffe Pilot Feldwebel Rudolf 'Rudi' Heutmann

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    A Curious Post to say the least with very little information known on this pilot other than the following:



    UNIT: 9/ STG-77 (S.U)

    AIRCRAFT: JU 87b-2 ( Resulted in Death after Crash over Russia)


    PILOTS BADGE ( I Will be in possession of this piece)

    IRON CROSS (2nd) ( Possibly owned by Francois Saez?)

    IRON CROSS NUMBER: EK 002354 ( Wehrmacht Award Resource / Luftwaffe Lists)



    any other information on this pilot, any awards or information anyone has about him please help me out :) thanks guys!

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    hey buddy, thanks for the reply!

    i found some of his things in a local antiquities shop, however have recently found out a small batch of his stuff was sold before i could have a chance at getting it, and whoever bought it, only purchased his paperwork and flying logs and not his badges, which is a bummer because i would have liked to have bought his books along with his pilots badge,

    im hoping to finish up paying the shop in about 2 months, so i will have his pilots badge and a photo of him with his mother and father.

    thanks for stopping by, im interested in any luftwaffe stuff in general really !

    cheers and thanks for the welcome. tom

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    Are you sure the bits you are being offered are ok? Quite unusual for someone to split find at a shop? Given he was KIA probably wearing his pilots badge there is always the possibility it has been added to the paper at some point any stories aside?

    Jock :)

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    Hi Jock,

    And thanks for the reply,

    I must admit i did think the same, however, this is where we go back to this guy ' Francois Saez ' who is a member of this website, however he has not been online for a long time. ( 2012 i think) and i haven't been able to track him down.

    Unfortunately i cannot get to the shop to speak in person with the seller as i am in Gibraltar with the RN. But i do hope to visit and ask these questions when i am back home.

    As for information regarding him, all i know at present is that he died of his wounds in hospital around 2 weeks after his crash, he was one of two survivors, the other i have no information about. - just keep hitting these dead ends with this one.

    Im sure the badge was with him in flight, the only paperwork i will have is a picture of him with his parents taken the year prior which shows a pilots badge in wear.

    Also worth noting that the Badge was being sold as a separate lot to his paperwork!

    Thanks again for taking the time to post!

    appreciate you check my photos on my profile too, just uploaded a couple of shots. thanks


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    I have had some excellent assistance in tracking a bloke down on the '12'o'clock high' site, those guys know there stuff as you would expect from an Avn focused forum. Perhaps give them a spin if you haven't already. Good luck with your hunt!

    Jock :)

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