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    Nuremberg Eagle ( fake?)

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    Looks and sounds like solid bronze judging by the weight also.If you loosen the felt material at the bottom you should find the bolts and nuts attaching the eagle to the base. These are usually a good indication of the age .

    From what I have seen not many of these eagles have any makers mark .If it is easy to unbolt it you could also get a look at the bottom of the metal eagle,or it's base,which could have markings and will also be more telling about the metal used.

    My opinion is it is authentic.

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    Judging from these shots it is still difficult.....can you feel a hole beneath the base cloth right in the center of the rectangle?I am used to seeing cloth pieces that allow a view on this exact spot.They are screwed together there usually.Can you see ANY markings on the reverse of laurel or a bit beneath it? RZM?

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    Shot of bottom of base without the cloth.Can't remove at this time because one screw is frozen and stripped.Is there likely to be anything helpful under there?

    Several at WAF thought it was a repo-bad cast,should be hollow,replacement base.

    Been studying the threads-a lot of different birds out there and a lot of expertise.

    I just wonder what I have.

    Thanks for helping.


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    Thats the kind of shot necessary to get a better idea of what you have.

    The base should have one center screw,which should be recessed and a different type of screw in general.That second screw is atypical.Is the base made of marble?I am used to seeing more "veins" in the stone itself.But given the 2 screws the base could be replaced also.

    You do not mention any markings,which if there arent any is sadly not helpful either.From where I stand I find this piece very hard to judge either way,though I tend to dislike it.By any means it is not a "one looker". If you can return it to where you have it from I would do so,as this piece while decorative will always be causing discussion IMO.

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