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    Two old medallions to ID

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    Hi all,

    I have here these two medallions and I am struggling to ID them. Perhaps someone can advise or help please?

    Silver one I presume is related with the 1818 elections? Pretty fancy piece to produce for that event.

    Other one I don't have a clue - looks pretty old.

    Thanking you in advance,


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    Hi - Timo. I agree with you on the silver one. Westmorland 1818. This is a small County in the North of Britain. The

    wording is a little strange - some Counties had Parliamentary seats which were owned by large estates. This wording

    indicates that Westmorland did not have this sytem of 'rotten boroughs'.

    I don't think the second one is British - more probably French or Spanish. Were it British then the wording would say

    who the King is and his titles as King. I think it is quite early and from the style of dress could date back to the 18th

    Century. (1700's) I have enlarged the section on the reverse, but can't read it clearly.

    See what other Members maake of it ? Mervyn

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    The first medal is by George Webb and commemorates the unsuccessful attempt of Lord Brougham to secure the parliamentary seat of Westmorland at the General election of 1818, he came 3rd with 900 votes. He late represented Queen Caroline in 1820 during her trial for adultery an subsequently became lord chancellor, one recently sold for £60, the second medal by Johann Martin Holtzhey was issued to Commemorate Frederick the Great's victory at the battle of Prague in 1757, unfortunately the condition leaves a lot to be desire so therefore of little value.

    All the best,


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    The prussian medal was offered in a similair condition at a German auction recently but remained unsold (estimate: 60 Euros). An extremely fine piece made 230 GBP at a Baldwin's auction in 2010. Condition is essential!

    Note how Victoria kicks off the crown of Bohemias head!

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    Thank you very much guys for your replays! This parliamentary voting medal is totally out of my interest. In the meantime it is pretty old and condition is pretty good - if they fetch £60 then I will be happy to move it on for £40.

    Other one.... it can be my phone as well - the front is actually not so bad condition. Now, reverse there is some rubbed off details. So, I can wrote it down on my file for value vise £15-20 still? It is what it is still, a nice old piece and because it is military related, I am more then happy to add it to my son's collection box (I would like to get him addicted as well with the collecting bug :whistle:).

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