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    Here is a newly arrived medalbar from a brave soldier (most probably non commissioned rank). His name remains unknown untill now and he was either a inhabitant from the small dutchy of Reuss or Sachsen-Altenburg. Hence the 2 medals.

    The bar has;

    * EK2

    * Hindenburg Cross

    * Reuss (Silver) medal with Swords

    * Sachsen-Altenburg - SEHO - (Silver) medal, last model

    * Long Service awards (Prussia) - 15 Years

    * Long Service awards - 25 years

    The Sachsen-Altenburg piece is a award piece and with its 933 awards a not so common medal.

    All opinions are more then welcome.

    Cordial greetings,

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    Hello Guys,

    Thank you. Indeed three awards (for normal soldiers) for valor. A combination not so often found. I think there is a large chance that this soldier was actually part of the I.R. 96, as that regiment was composed out of parts of for example Reuss and Sachsen-Altenburg. But that is a guess offcoarse :).

    Both silver medals appear to be early award pieces.

    Cordial greetings,

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