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    Nice Knives.....

    Chris Boonzaier

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    Have not had these out in many a year.....

    One is a 8 Inch Randall No1, the other is a Randall No14.

    My first No 1 was so mint, out of the box, I literally closed my eyes, and hacked at a chunk of wood 4-5 times... just to pop its cherry.... I had this No1 for 4 years in the army... it was really used and abused... and is thill here... around me guys were breaking their K-Kars in all directions....

    The No14 was simply and purley a toy i could not afford. I bought it years after leaving the army, and actually have more knives than I will ever need, and seldom if ever need one... but the No14 for me is the best knife ever... so i traded a bunch of stuff for it....

    The Handle and sheath on the No1 used to be the same color as the sheath on the no14....

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    What is the green bit of plastic i hear you ask... or not.....

    I prefer the carbon steel blades to stainless steel.... After a very wet time in Central Africa the leather was constantly wet, so I made a sheath liner out of a plastic mountaindew bottle, cut the shape, folded it and slid it into the sheath. I also removed the sharpening stone pouch, it made it easier to slide the sheath under straps or under a belt.

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    That's quite a pair you have there Chris.

    My #15 is just a shorter version of your #14. I can agree they are

    a h3ll of a knife. But that #1 is just awesome.

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