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    from the same place as the globes, I got these two paintings.

    In fact only one was mentioned and showed in the catalog, the other one came with the same lot, but was not photographed.

    But I do like it even more then the marine.



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    The first one - the pastoral scene, looks to have two women in Dutch national dress. Quite attractive, but, I can see why

    it was included with the other one.

    The second one is quite different. Nice walnut frame and the ship would date from 1900 - 1930. Probably a Coaster.

    It is flying the company flag - that should give you a start on identity. Also there is a red National flag at the stern - this

    could well be the red ensign, making it a British ship.

    There doesn't appear to be any damage - just dirt. I would strongly advise that you have this professionally cleaned. Most

    ship paintings - and this is an oil - are sought after. Also, is that a signature in the bottom left corner ? Good buy. Mervyn

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    hey Mervin,

    glad you like it!

    I doubt the pastoral scene would be Dutch when seeing the mountain/ hill in the back. Holland is rather flat.

    I also doubt the figures are original to the scene! Some old restoration with a different paint shows also. I think the figures were ad, maybe by someone else.

    The reason it was included in the lot is a mystery, but I am glad they did!

    Yes, the second one is what it was about to me.

    I do have a small collection of old travel company's.

    The stern flag is English indeed, for the company flag I was thinking of Waverly's company, but that doesn't match with the colors on the chimney.The Indo-China Steam Navigation Compagny, makes more sense, But then again there seem to be a figure in the center of the company pennant...

    Both came from a auction in the middle of France, but that doesn't give much clue's about their origins.

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    • 1 year later...

    Stick to his stuff without the Chimps. A very talented painter worth every penny I think. The chimp studies are ok but I really don't like the chimps playing cards, all dressed up etc. No idea why his monkey pictures attract so much money while the nice stuff is really very cheap considering the age of them.

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    I gave up long ago trying to understand things like that...

    A friend of mins pimped it up, or should I says "chimped it up"; :)


    schippers met.jpg

    Anyway , glad you like it! 

    Here is a smaller one on panel I just missed (over bid!)a few minutes ago...



    schippers paneel.png

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    Unlucky, a nice one. But that little bit of extra to win may have turned into a LOT more to win if there's another bidding. They'll be more coming along (and just think of the saved wall space :D

    And, no comment on the monkey...


    Edited by Spasm
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    Wall space is what I am missing. Most are stacked away, like books in a library. 

    Only the one's I like the most are exposed.

    A other painter I like a lot and started collecting is Felix Sauter.

    Sorry about the dancer in front...!:speechless:


    RIMG0787 (2).JPG

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