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    Imp. Russian badge to be identified


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    Hello All.

    Just bought some interesting miniatures, will be shown later when received.

    The Seller have this badge as well and would be happy to get it identified, I cannot help, but I'm sure someone here will know, Nick?

    Further, could anyone add a few words on assumed originality?

    Regards, Lars

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    Couldn`t care less about dealers problems ...

    For you Lars ;)

    What we have here is

    Badge of the 17th Nizhnii-Novgorod Dragoon Regiment of His Majesty
    Gold Cavcasian cross covered in black matt enamel. In the centre of the cross is a circular gold medallion covered in raspberry enamel with the gold abbreviation НЕВП/NHMR (Nizhnii-Novgorod Regiment of His Majesty). Emperors Peter I and Nicholas II monograms beneath gold Imperial crowns.
    Established in 1908.
    By these photos badge looks promising.
    Edited by JapanX
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