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Help with ancestry photos please

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Hi, I have been tracing my family tree for a few years now. I have been given some old photos by my aunt. Some of the photos show men dressed in military uniform. I am extremely uneducated in this area and I hope I have found a website that may be able to help me. If I upload a photograph of one of the photos I wonder if someone could possibly help me and advise me about the dates of the uniform or what regiment it is anything really would help me at this moment in time. Thanks in anticipation Lisa

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I would like to thank you very much for your help with finding the enlistment documents and helping me to confirm the chap is who I thought. He is to me: my great grand uncle. My mothers grandmothers brother. I shall add the information to ancestry. I dont mean to sound rude, but I do have another photograph but I cannot find how to upload it. So I will start another thread. Thank you again.

Take Care


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Hi all.  A first post.  I've been trying to nail James BADCOCK born Poplar in 1883  all day and the chap in the photograph, I regret to say, is not him.  James who was born in Poplar in 1883 was the son of Bennett Treloar Badcock, a carpenter, born at Wendron Parish, Cornwall in 1853.  Bennett Badcock moved to London and began working with the Port of London Authority.  He married Elizabeth Crisp from Lowestoft in 1877 at Stepney London and  had  nine children of whom James was the third born in 1st Quarter 1883 (see Freebmd.)  Later James became a carpenter like his Father and from about 1910 was working for the White Star Line on their passenger liners between  Antwerp and New York as a Deck Engineer

The two reasons that make me certain that the man who enlisted is not this James Badcock (and there are dozens of them) is that at his attestation he gave his father's name as John Badcock of Wallingford, not Bennett Badcock of Poplar, He is also aged 42.  By my reckoning to be 42 in 1915 gives you a birth year of 1873 not 1883 and even the attesting officer forgot to include the year.

Of course there was a James Lewis Badcock who enlisted with Canadian Forces but Canada has its' own branch of Badcocks particularly in Newfoundland but some may have made it as far west as Calgary.  I'm very sorry if Wardyswife has done heaps of work on the wrong fellow but if  the real James Badcock of Poplar was her GGrandmother's brother her GGM must be one of the five daughters of Bennett Badcock: Harriet, Ellen, Ethel, Clara or Alice and in that case  Wardyswife is  descended from the Badcocks of Mousehole, Newlyn and Paul in Cornwall............ as am I.


Charles B.

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Negative evidence is also evidence.  Sadly, very few of the Canadian records and none of the offical ones for WWI include photos.  Babcock's full record of service is avaialble at the web address posted above but is of no help.  The 10th Battalion has a web site, maintianed by their successor unit, the Calgary Hughlanders, here: http://www.calgaryhighlanders.com/photos/1914-18/10th.htm

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Many families during both World Wars were given photos of close friends and even neighbour's sons who were serving overseas.  This has led to a lot of confusion when researching ancestors today.  It is almost common place that people who recieved these non-relations photos never recorded the names of those pictured. 

My wife does a good deal of research into both of our ancestory and one photo she has was quite troubling.  It was always held that the two "soldiers" in one of the family albums were of some relationship to her family.  It turned out that the two in the photograph were not only from two other families but girls in their early teens wearing the uniforms of what might have been their boyfriends. 

The past is often as clear as mud. Best wishes in your quest Lisa.




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