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    Request for Assistance with Waterloo Medal

    Viktor Seveliov

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    Hello Gentlemen:

    I recently acquired this Waterloo Medal in the sale of a family estate. I don't know much about British medals so I am asking for help in the identification of this medal.

    The rim is inscribed, "YEF. N.YENESSEISKY (OBS) KIEV. HUSS.". I have been able to do a little research and have discovered the abbreviation "YEF" stands for the Russian rank of "Yefreytor". This rank translates into English as Senior Private.

    The rim inscription presents the abbreviation "OBS" which I I do not understand. Could anyone help me with this rim inscription.

    I also might add, my research reveals the Kiev Hussars had their name changed to the Kiev Dragoons and I believe this unit designation was changed several times back and forth which might relate to the "OBS" designation in the rim inscription. I'm not sure.

    My field of study is Imperial German and the Third Reich and any help identifying this medal would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards to all,


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    Dear Victor,

    The medal appears to be genuine, however the rim has been skimmed to remove the original naming and the details now on the rim are later engraved. I don't recollect the Kiev Hussars as being present at Waterloo. Even as a renamed piece it is still worth $500

    All the best,


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    Thank you all very much for your information. I really appreciate your help.

    I am thinking about putting this medal up for sale on Ebay. Does this seem to be a good choice for the sale of this medal?

    As I said in my first post, I do not know much about the history of British medals nor do I know much about the best means in which to sell them.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards to all,


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    I note that this medal was for sale on the latest DNW website update. I would be very surprised if this was an original, issued medal. Ive had a look at a lot of sources and the closest Russian foreign "observers" were in Brussels with the Bourbon King. Prince Pozzo was head of the Russian attache and it would be fascinating to read his memoirs. As far as anyone can tell, at best this is an "unofficial" medal and probably is a fake, given its utter absence in earlier catalogs and references going back almost 150 years (+) now.

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